Candy Crush Level 410 Cheats and Tips

Make sure you’ve downloaded the September 5th 2013 Candy Crush Saga update before playing this level on mobile. They’ve added an extra column to the board next to the bombs, which makes it easier to clear them. The easiest way to clear the bombs was to either use the marmalade striped candy at the top of the board, or mix a colour bomb and striped, but it’s much easier now. Dropping a wrapped candy down there can also solve the time bomb issue.

With the bombs out of the way, this turns into a pretty straightforward jelly level. The jelly in the corners is hard to get, and you’ll need to keep track of the chocolate, but it’s nothing you haven’t dealt with in the last 410 odd levels. If you can drop a licorice block down on top of the chocolate fountain, it will stop the chocolate from spreading too much.Tough, but you’ll crack it.


Level 410 starts with eight 30 move bombs. They are in two clusters at the bottom corners of the board which is the hardest area to clear, it is made harder by the fact that the board is shaped so they can only be destroyed by vertical matches. There is some help with a vertical stripe in the top corners but they are trapped under marmalade. There is also a chocolate maker at the bottom center of the board. There are also three licorice makers in the center three columns of the board.

The first thing to concentrate on is clearing the bombs. You may be able to make some matches initially or work down some pieces to make matches. Vertical stripes are also useful here and a striped and wrapped combination on the far side of the board could clear a group of bombs. A colour bomb and stripe may help as well, if you have some well placed candies. A colour bomb could help just matching a single colour if you have a bomb or multiple bombs of that colour. Chocolate can grow over bombs which could be useful, but licorice often blocks the chocolate makers anyway.

Once you have got rid of the bombs you need to clear the rest of the jellies. If licorice is blocking the chocolate maker then it is best to try to get rid of the rest first. The corners are the hardest so concentrate on those, especially the bottom. Wrapped candies can be particularly great for this and any combinations are likely to be useful.

The key to level 410 is to clear the bombs quickly so that you then have more moves to clear the remaining jelly. Jelly fish, wrapped and striped combinations and colour bombs could be useful to start with and the bomb cooler, sweet tooth, bubble gum troll, lollipop hammer and even switch tool could be helpful during game play. However, try the game a few times first as it is possible without boosters.


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