Candy Crush Level 412 Cheats and Tips

This is a nasty and extremely random level. The twister candy will make your life miserable, destroying your opportunities for stripes and setting off special candy you’re lining up just as you’re getting close to winning. It’s one that takes persistance.

If you can start the game by making a match three next to a marmalade – meringue – marmalade vertical, it will remove the marmalade and meringue, and two striped will land on top of each other. Then, set off the two striped with an upwards motion, and you should end up with another pair of stripes to match up. In an extremely lucky outcome, you can make three striped and striped candy matches from the marmalade candy, but don’t count on it, you’re pretty much on your own.

The bottom of the board is the best place to aim to make matches, as there’s nowhere else for the candy to drop once it’s there. Just keep on trying ’til you crack it (and the toffee tornadoes don’t crack it).


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