Candy Crush Level 413 Cheats and Tips


The twister candy can help you out on this level, by cracking through the barricade of meringues at the bottom, but don’t count on it. You’re going to be very limited in move choices until you start removing meringues, so always choose the move that is going to inflict the most damage on the meringues.

Once you’re down the bottom, the marmalade coated special candy can help you bring ingredients down. Focus on the ingredients one by one – it’s very unlikely they’ll all end up on one half of the board, so you’ll need to get through nearly every meringue square to beat this level.

There are blockers in the way of the ingredients falling down which you can remove using matches, special candies and better still with special candy combinations. The wrapped candies and wrapped combinations do the most damage to the blockers. The vertical striped candies are best at getting the ingredients down to the bottom. There are even some special candies on the board, covered with marmalade, which will help as well. However, the most difficult part of level 413 is that some of the columns do not allow the ingredients to drop down from them. It is important to notice which columns have the green arrows on and which do not and then line up the ingredients with those that do have the green arrows. The toffee tornado does not have that much of an effect on level except helping with removing the blockers. There is some luck in this level but if you look for ways to make special candies and make sure the ingredients are lined up in the right columns, then it should not be that difficult to solve. Some people do find it much harder than others and it can depend on how careful you are with choosing the best possible moves and moving the ingredients if necessary when the opportunity arises. Also be careful not to move an ingredient to a column that does not exit the board.

Level 413 does not really need any boosters to help you win. There are not many that will obviously help you to complete the level more easily.


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