Candy Crush Level 414 Cheats and Tips

There are two isolated jelly on either side of the bottom of the screen that you may not even notice unless you’re looking. In simple terms: there is no strategy to this level.

Things you can do to help yourself: plan where the candy is going to fall after the toffee tornado cracks have ‘healed over’, drop striped candies on to the bottom row and mix them together, push wrapped candies into the corner by the middle candy, and the usual colour bomb combos – but you’ll be so limited in the moves you can make, you just have to take whatever moves are there. 70% of the time the only move there is would be the one that the game is suggesting.

You can also get rid of the toffee tornado temporarily with special candy, but even that doesn’t do much to help on this level. Frustrating.


In Candy Crush Saga level 414 you need to clear the jelly and score 55,000 points to complete the level. What makes the level complicated is the awkward shape of the board, only having 40 moves and the fact that two of the double jellies are in the bottom corners separate to the main board and the one in the centre is also separate to the main board.

The key thing to do on level 414 is to try to get those difficult jellies first. You will need to attack them with striped candies and so do your best to make these. A horizontal one at the bottom is best for the low ones and the center one in any direction. A wrapped and striped combination would be just as effective, but could take out more jelly too. A striped and color bomb could be handy, especially if the color of the striped is that of one of the awkward jellies to reach. It would laso help if it was with a normal candy of a color of candy in an awkward place. The rest of the jelly is pretty simple to remove. If you work from the bottom of the board, you have more chance of clearing this. The toffee tornado could get in the way, but there is very little that you can do about it. It is best just to ignore it!

A jelly fish booster could help on level 414 but there is no guarantee that it will eat any of the jellies that are hard to get. Extra moves may be worthwhile and a lollipop hammer could help to remove the last few jellies if you cannot get them any other way.


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