Candy Crush Level 417 Cheats and Tips

Keeping on top of the bombs is difficult on this level. Sometimes the twister candy will help and take them out with a toffee tornado, just as often, they’ll destroy the match you’ve saved to diffuse them. Twisters aren’t all bad on this level, though, and they do help to destroy the meringue on the right hand side.

If you leave your coconut wheels covered with marmalade as long as you can, the bombs will come down in one big batch and you’ll be able to match them up against themselves, but that isn’t always possible. Send your coconut wheels vertically to destroy the bombs if need be: try to mix them with a striped candy if you can. It will take quite a few moves to get things moving on the right, but try to keep the bottom free of candy until your ingredients are lined up and they’ll shoot right off once the meringue is clear.


In Candy Crush Saga level 417 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 30,000 points to complete the level. The board is split into two halves connected by a portal. The left hand side is where the ingredients come down but also has bomb makers. The right hand side is covered in triple-layered meringue blockers but there are also some toffee tornadoes.

There is a method which will really help solve level 417 if you have the right moves to do it. Unlock one coconut wheel from its marmalade trap. Drag it so that it removes the top three horizontal rows and unlocks the other coconut wheels. Drag the coconut wheel on the right hand board to the left so that it shoots downwards. Then drag the final wheel downwards so that it shoots across the board horizontally. You should then reveal a significant amount of the left hand board. You can then use wrapped and striped candies to clear more of the board and to help the ingredients down. This sounds simple, but you will need the right board layout to do it and you will need to still keep a close eye on the bombs. The tornadoes may take out some of them, but you should still remove those that you can, just in case. It is also worth noting that the ingredients cannot exit the board in the far right column, so you can ignore it. If your ingredients do get in to this column then you need to move them back out again. You will also need to still clear some of the blockers on the right hand board and using striped candies or striped and wrapped or striped and color bomb combinations are the best for this. They could also help with getting the ingredients down to the bottom, once some of the blockers have gone.

Level 417 could be made easier if you used a booster such as extra moves to start with and starting with special candies might be helpful but it depends where they are positioned on the board.


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