Candy Crush Level 419 Cheats and Tips

This is one of those levels you feel like you’ll never crack, until you get close to cracking it. You can have nothing at all until the last 15 moves, then get a bunch of wrapped candy and colour bombs in surprise bags – and boom, you’ve done it.

There’s no special tricks here, really. Work from the top of the board down whenever you can to crush the meringues, which will allow more candy on the board. Try to focus on one side initially. Open the surprise bags as soon as you can, and see what orders are left once you’ve used them. Dare I say this level is quite fun? Well, I guess it is! Many will disagree, (it’s also been labelled ‘the most annoying Candy Crush Saga Level’)… all I can say is, good luck!


In Candy Crush Saga Level 419 you have to collect the orders and 18,000 points to complete the level. The required orders are 2 colour bombs, 5 wrapped candies and 100 yellow candies.

The board is a nice square shape but there are blockers on it with 12 double-layered meringues and 16 triple-layered meringues. These take up vital space that you need to make the candies need to fulfill the order. There is also a toffee tornado in the center which will move around the board. This can be useful as it destroys a layer of meringue when it lands on it but can also destroy matches that you are setting up.

Start Level 419 by removing the blockers and this will help you make the colour bombs and wrapped candies. However, always look out for opportunities to make these, as they may crop up even when the board still has a lot of meringue on it. When you get a striped, combining it with a yellow candy could be good as this will remove some of the yellow quote that you need to get as well. You will find that mystery candies fall down from the top of the board, randomly. If you are lucky these can turn to useful things such as coloured bombs, wrapped candies or a lucky candy that turns into something useful when matched. Of course there is always the risk of it turning into something bad like chocolate or a blocker. It is probably worth the risk though and trying them as they could be the best chance of winning.

Level 419 can be helped using certain boosters. A colour bomb booster could be handy as it will give you one of your wrapped quota. You also have the option of a lucky candy booster too but this may not be worthwhile. During pay a sweet tooth booster may help get rid of some of the meringue and a lollipop hammer may help to set off a wrapped sweet if you just need one at the end of the game and cannot match it.


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