Candy Crush Level 428 Cheats and Tips


Concentrate on the quadrant with the chocolate first, if you can clear it up before anything else, it’s going to make this level so much easier. It’s actually worth reshuffling the start position until you can get rid of the chocolate, because this level can be close to impossible once the top right quadrant gets clogged up.

Then it’s striped candy all the way. There are 8 cherries to get in total, so keep working in the far right bottom quadrant for as long as you can. and use your vertical candies to bring the cherries down once you get them across to the top right quadrant.

Level 428 requires 8 ingredients to be brought down in 45 moves and the board is split in to four 4×4 squares with portals between them. The top right has chocolate and the bottom right has two rows of three-layered meringue blockers above the exit. Licorice swirls fall from the top layer.

The first step is to remove the chocolate. If you let the top right square fill with chocolate then it very unlikely that you will be able to complete level 428. Therefore work on it first. There is some luck in getting the right candies to do this though. Then work on the blockers, which you are most likely to have to remove using horizontal striped candies from the lower left section of vertical ones from the top right. Wrapped candies could be good if you can get them low enough and wrapped and striped candies places to the left or above the blockers would be very useful. Once you have removed the blockers, you can work on getting the ingredients down. Using striped candies or wrapped, or better still a wrapped and striped combination is probably the best way to do this, if you can.

Having a striped and wrapped candy or color bomb booster could increase your chances of being able to remove the chocolate at the beginning of the level. Using sweet tooth could also be advantageous. Extra moves could be useful as well, as there are so few available on this level.


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