Candy Crush Level 437 Cheats and Tips


Work exclusively on the bottom to start off with, trying to clear the first reachable layer of each cake. Afterwards, turn your attention to the meringues and jelly up the top, without setting off the marmalade coated jelly fish.

The ideal situation is that each Swedish Fish will take a slice of cake from the hard-to-reach bottom row. Luckily, the fish don’t get destroyed when a cake explodes, and they will help you massively on this level. And if you manage to combine a colour bomb with a fish, or a striped candy, you should find your way through.


This level has three cake bombs at the bottom which need to be destroyed so that the double jelly layers underneath can be removed. There are also jelly fish, three in each top corner which are blocked in by double-layered meringue. Under the fish, which have marmalade over then, and the blockers, there are double jelly layers.

With level 437, you need to decide whether you are going to attack the cake bombs first or unblock the jelly fish. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Uncovering the fish will get rid of jelly underneath the cake bombs with you having to actually remove them and they may eat slices of cake too as well as blockers and jelly under those. However, once a cake bomb goes off the remaining fish will disappear unless they are still trapped under marmalade. Unblocking the cake bombs first will leave the jelly fish until later in the game when they can eat the jelly that you have found harder to remove. However, once you have removed one cake bomb, the marmalade will be removed from under the fish and the second one will destroy them.

To remove cake bombs you need vertical striped candies which remove up to two slices. These combined with wrapped with removed up to four slices of cake. A colour bomb and striped could help with getting these, but only if the candies are positioned usefully and they turn into vertical and not horizontal stripes.

Basically a lot of vertical stripes, best combined with wrapped sweets and colour bombs with stripes are the best way to solve level 437.

Do not worry about the jellies at the top, these will tend remove themselves when the cake bombs go off or from other matches being made below. The hardest jellies are under the cake bombs. This means that level 437 is made easier with a jelly fish booster and with extra moves, if you have any. Colour bombs can be good as can a wrapped and stripe candy. A lollipop hammer could be useful as could possibly the switching tool if the situation needs it.


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