Candy Crush Level 440 Cheats and Tips

Dropping a wrapped candy and wrapped candy combo as close to the center of the cluster of bombs as you possibly can will give you a good start on this level. In fact, it is possible to clear the jelly in 25 moves without touching the bombs at all, but nine times out of ten, that strategy will fail – so focus on clearing up the bomb nest and hope you make matches at the top whilst you’re doing it to get a good start on crushing the meringue.

The most difficult jelly to get rid of is up in the top row, so take any chance you get to clear that before working on the other jelly squares. Eventually you will hit the right balance between clearing up the bombs and getting rid of the jelly.


In Candy Crush Saga level 440 you need to clear the jelly and score 190,000 points to complete the level. 50 moves may sound quite generous for this level but when you look at the board you may not be so sure. With about half the jelly under triple-layered meringue and 25 move bombs trapped under licorice on the bottom 4 rows of the board it will certainly not be easy!

You need to work on destroying the bombs first. The tornadoes will help with this but you cannot rely on them. Work on unlocking them and then removing them. A striped and wrapped combination can be really great for this, as it can for removing the blockers at the top of the board as well. A color bomb and striped could also be useful as could a color bomb and wrapped candy. Wait until you have removed all of the bombs before you start to work on the blockers. Striped candies can be helpful for removing these and use them too, to remove the jelly from underneath. Some people find it is worth removing the blockers at the top of the board to create space to make special candies so that they can make combinations to remove lots of bombs at once. This could be a risky strategy but could be worth a try if you are not getting anywhere with level 440.

Level 440 can be a frustrating level especially if the tornado stops you making a good combination. However, stick with it because it is possible and without any boosters. However, the bomb cooler could be a handy one to use if you need it. You could also use a lollipop hammer to take out a frustrating bomb or two.


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