Candy Crush Level 445 Cheats and Tips

This is a level of two halves. First, you’ll need to clear the bombs – note that these will drop into play if you clear the meringue around the locked candy – you do not actually need to unlock the candy for the bombs to fall into the grid.

Then it’s time to take down the ingredients! It can seem like you’re miles away from achieving the goal, then you’ll suddenly get it on your last move. Note that the two far sides do not have an exit, so you’ll need to let the ingredients fall into the second column in, then use striped candy and wrapped candy to crush your way through to the exit. Quite a straightforward level.


In Candy Crush Saga level 445 you need to bring down the ingredients and score 20,000 points to complete the level.

You only have to get two ingredients down on level 445 but with 30 moves, two 17 move bombs and a board almost fully covered in double-layered meringue you will need luck on your side! You will need to start by removing the bombs. You only need to unlock the licorice cage diagonally opposite the bomb and then remove some candies underneath for it to fall down and you have a better chance of getting it. Otherwise a horizontal striped candy on the very top row would be extremely useful. Removing the bombs is not easy though and so it could take quite a few attempts.

Once the bombs are gone, you then have the challenge of getting the ingredients down to the bottom. Make sure that they are above the centre columns as they cannot drop off the board if they are at the two far sides. Vertical striped candies are great at helping them to drop down as are striped and wrapped combinations.

In level 445, using boosters at the start is not that useful as they may be badly placed and the bombs might go off still and waste them. However, it could be good to use a lollipop hammer to destroy the bomb if it is about to go off and you cannot destroy it. It may even be wise to use two lollipop hammers to destroy the bombs right at the beginning and just work on getting the ingredients down.


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