Candy Crush Level 45 Cheats and Tips

There’s no jelly under the licorice x-blockers, so don’t obsess over clearing them. If you need the room to make match-4s and match-5s, unlock the candies, but you only really need to concentrate on the jelly. The hardest part is the centrepiece, and you’ll need to hit it twice. Use any colour bombs you get to clear the colour of the centrepiece, and try to get striped candies in position to take it out.

• In this level you must clear all the jelly.
• There is NO jelly under the licorice so do not try to clear them unless you have to.
• Clear only the inside jellies.
• Get a stripped candy to clear the middle square of jelly.
• If you save that jelly for the end it will be the hardest to clear.
• Make combos to clear jelly.
• Don’t waste any moves.


In Candy Crush Level 45 you have to clear the 55 squares of jelly and score 140,000 points. You get just 35 moves for this level and the jelly squares are double ones. There is also a solitary square in the middle with a double layer of jelly. The far right and left columns have no jelly under them but the candies are caged in liquorice. Do not get distracted by uncaging the candies as this is not necessary to do.

As with most jelly levels, it is wise to start level 45 by working low down on the board. This is because the jellies that fall down can form matches and clear jelly higher up the board with very little effort from you. However, it is also important to look out for any opportunities to make special candies. You will need them to remove the jelly from the centre square. You can do this with a carefully placed horizontal or vertical stripe or a wrapped and stripe combination. A colour bomb will also be able to remove the coloured candy in that square as well as a layer of jelly. You need to note that the candy in the middle square is not locked in place so as you make matches below the candies will fall down and that middle candy will change. If you decide to use a colour bomb to remove it, make sure you double check that you are choosing the right colour. Wrapped candies can be useful for removing areas of jelly in the main board as can a colour bomb and striped or wrapped candy combination, although these are not necessary. The fish booster can help too but level 45 can be completed without it.


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