Candy Crush Level 457 Cheats and Tips

You want your ingredients to appear in the centre columns to get through this level as easily as possible: you’ll need to swap ingredients in the dead centre one column left, or one column right, but it’s a better option than having the ingredients on the side. It’s not impossible if the ingredients come down the side, but it’s a lot more difficult, because the chocolate will keep on blocking your path even if you clear it. Ingredients will appear immediately after an ingredient is cleared, so if you get your first one in the middle column, it will be easy to keep the ingredients appearing there.

You need to make as many wrapped and striped candy combos as possible to get through this. If you get the wrapped and striped in the right place, it will clear up the chocolate and let the ingredient drop down. If your ingredients get stuck on top of a chocolate barrier, it’s no good making candy matches above it, you need to focus exclusively on stripes, or mix a colour bomb with a striped candy to crush down through it. You’ll often find you have 5 moves left with one ingredient to get, so try to keep some combos handy to clear the final piece and beat the level.


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