Candy Crush Level 46 Cheats and Tips


The 9 jellies you need to get are in the center, surrounded by meringues and guarded by licorice x-blockers. Don’t worry, the meringues do not have jelly underneath, so you only need to crush your way in to the grid of locked candy – clearing the top and one of the sides of meringues is the most effective strategy – once you’re in, you can leave the rest of the meringues and just work in the grid.

• In this level you need to clear all the meringues and the jelly underneath.
• Clear the top and sides of meringues first.
• Don’t worry about the bottom until you start unlocking licorice.
• Use stripped and wrapped candies to help you break through blockades.
• Don’t waste your moves.


In order to complete Candy Crush level 46, you need to clear the 9 jelly squares and reach 20,000 points. It sounds easy but the jelly squares are not only locked in licorice but also have white meringue blockers around them.

You will need to make special candies in order to clear this level in the 15 moves allowed, it is possible though. Start level 46 by clearing some of the meringue blockers. Then work on freeing the trapped candies and finally clearing the jelly. You will need be observant and work slowly as you have no spare moves to play with.

Wrapped candies are the most useful special candies that you can make. You will be able to explode them on their own to clear large areas of jelly or to unlock trapped candies. In combination with a striped candy or another wrapped candy they can clear an even larger area. Colour bombs can be useful as well, use them to free the trapped candies or clear jelly underneath. Combining these with wrapped or striped candies will help a lot too, but is not necessary to do this in order to win level 46.

The fish booster could be helpful, but it is always a gamble as you never know which jellies will be removed and whether they will be the ones that you are having difficulty with. Using a wrapped and striped booster is probably more useful as would a colour bomb booster be. However level 46 is possible without any boosters. The switcher tool could be useful right at the end if you have a possible match that would clear the board. You can use a lollipop hammer to smash jelly as well, if necessary but only use them at the end of the game.


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    For some reason I am not getting all 15 chances, only 10 to 12 as it skips a couple of numbers at a time. Anyone else have this problem.