Candy Crush Level 461 Cheats and Tips


Level 461 is a clear all the jelly level. There is jelly spread throughout the whole board. You have jelly on the left and right hand sides and also jelly underneath the chocolate. Start by clearing the jelly on both sides but don’t take out the bottom left and right licorice box just yet. This is keeping that chocolate in place so it doesn’t start spreading. Once you feel as if you cleared a good amount of jelly, you can start clearing underneath the chocolate. You also have three bonus fish that will help you but use them wisely. Each fish will help you take out a good amount of chocolate so don’t use them all at once. Save the fish for when chocolate is trying to take over the board. Besides all those rules with the board, remember to make combo candies to clear jelly faster.

• In this level you need to clear the jelly.
• There is jelly on the far left and far right of the board.
• There is jelly under the chocolate so when the licorice boxes are removed chocolate will start spreading.
• Try to clear as much jelly as you can before opening the two licorice boxes covering the chocolate.
• Use your bonus fishes wisely because they will help you take out some chocolate when it’s out of control.
• Make special candy combos to help you take out the remaining jellies you have left.


In Candy Crush Saga level 461 you need to clear the jelly and score 125,000 points to complete the level. The whole board has jelly on it but the bottom section has jelly covered in chocolate. Although there is no chocolate spawner, it is still very difficult because there are a lot of spaces in the bottom of the board meaning that the chocolate is hard to remove. It is therefore best to try to work at removing the jelly and blockers at the top of the board first while you make as many special candies as you can. Once you have built some up then unlock the licorice cages which will release the chocolate but hopefully you will be well enough prepared to cope with it. A color bomb and striped combination I probably your best chance in this level although a wrapped and wrapped and a striped and wrapped combination could do a lot of useful damage as well.

Level 461 can be very frustrating but it is important not to let the chocolate panic you. It can seem to build up very quickly, but you should be able to keep it at bay. If it grows on squares where you have already removed jelly, then it will not matter anyway. Boosters could be helpful in level 461 if you get a lucky board. Jelly fish could be good but they may only eat jelly that you could reach anyway. A sweet tooth could be more useful if you have just a bit of chocolate to get rid of.


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