Candy Crush Level 470 Cheats and Tips

In level 470 you must clear all the jelly hiding underneath the licorice cages. There are a lot of things going on in this game board. You have licorice cages, chocolate fountains, candy bombs, and jellies. Start by clearing some licorice cages to open up the board. Chocolate should start spawning once you do this. Clear the candy bombs, chocolate, and jellies with combo candies. Any combo candy will help you on this map. After you clear a majority of those you should be close to the color bombs. When they give you a free booster do not waste it; combine the color bomb with stripped candies to wipe out the entire board. Lastly clear the remaining jellies on the board.

• This level has 12 chocolate fountains and 12 licorice cages.
• There are candies time bombs that you will need to eliminate but not right away.
• Start by opening a few licorice cages with striped, wrapped, or combo candies.
• This will hopefully start eliminating candy bombs as well.
• This is when chocolate starts to spread.
• If you’re lucky a few bombs will be eliminated by the chocolate.
• Now make any combo you can to eliminate chocolate and the jellies under the licorice.
• Take out the remaining bombs with color bombs or other combos.
• Clear the remaining jellies.


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