Candy Crush Level 471 Cheats and Tips


Level 471 looks like a hard ingredient level but it’s actually really easy. The only challenging part is defusing the candy time bombs. Start by clearing licorice cages that the candy bombs are trapped under. Then start making a few combo moves to clear out the surrounding meringues. This will help give you room to work on the board. This will help you be able to make pathways for the ingredients to fall. Once all that is clear all you have to do is bring down the ingredients it’s that simple.

• In this level you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom.
• The first thing you need to do is clear the candy bombs.
• You will need every move in this level so you need to defuse these bombs before they blow up.
• Start clearing the licorice cages on the bombs and the meringue surrounding them.
• This will also give you room to start making a pathway for your ingredients to fall.
• Once the bombs are defused clear the bottom layer of meringue.
• Now here comes the easy part, just like in the first few ingredient levels all you have to do is make vertical striped candies and watch all the ingredients just fall down.


In Candy Crush Saga level 471 you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom and score 40,000 points.

There is a big board in level 471 and you just need to get four ingredients down to the bottom. However there are four bombs trapped in licorice with double-layered meringue blockers around them as well as other blockers in the way of the path of the ingredients.

Making color bombs can help to wipe out the bombs without the need to unblock them. It is unlikely they will all be the same color though so you will need to do this numerous times, which is tricky in just 15 moves. A wrapped and striped candy combination could be useful as it will not only help with the bombs, but also with the blockers on the board. Making them ca be tricky on a small board, so if you cannot then try to use your moves to break apart the blockers. There is a lot of luck in this one and many people give up on the level because they do not get close to removing the bombs in the 15 moves given. It can sometimes be easier to try to get the bombs that are lower on the board out first, if you can.

You can help yourself with some boosters though on level 471. The bomb cooler could be helpful, if you feel that you will have a chance of destroying the bombs with five extra moves. Starting with a color bomb could help to remove some bombs right away. A striped and wrapped candy could be helpful as well, but only if they appear in a useful place and can be activated in time. A lollipop hammer could be good for removing a bomb just before it explodes.


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