Candy Crush Level 48 Cheats and Tips

Remember level 46? Well it’s sort of like that again, except this time there’s more jelly to clear. Look at how you can make the matches – because of the layout there are only a few options open to you, and you’ll probably need to rely on some combos to make the majority of the damage. Once you’ve got rid of the majority, work out your plan to pick of the remaining jellies.

• In this level you need to clear all the jellies and licorice cages.
• Work on clearing the jellies with the limited moves you actually do have.
• Make some combos to help you eliminate them.
• Get stripped candies in line with the center.
• Focus on making moves in the center to get rid of more jellies.
• Start working at the bottom if you don’t see any moves in the center.


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