Candy Crush Level 492 Cheats and Tips

In Candy Crush Saga level 492 you need to clear the jelly and score 40,000 points to complete the level. The jelly is not instantly visible but is trapped under the five-layered meringue and the candies trapped in licorice. With just 50 moves and a chocolate maker, this is a very tricky level. There is some luck as well but there are techniques that can increase your chance of winning.

You need to work hard at breaking down the meringue blockers. Try to break a hole in it, and then let a wrapped or striped candy in to do maximum damage. Look out for all opportunities to make special candies and then you will have the biggest chance of completing the level. You should be able to pretty much ignore the chocolate unless it gets too near to the top of the screen. If it gets across the top of the board it will block new candies from falling down and so as the chocolate gets near to the top of the board it should be removed. If you keep plugging away at level 492 you should be able to remove the jellies. The jelly fish on the board can help as well with clearing blockers and so starting with a jelly fish booster will not be that much help. The sweet tooth and bubble gum troll could be handy if the chocolate gets out of control but like all levels, it is possible to complete level 492 without any boosters at all.


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