Candy Crush Level 50 Cheats and Tips

This level is a lot easier than it looks. You have 50 moves, and you should be able to make some stripes straight away. Crush through the licorice locks whenever you can, and work your way inward. The sooner you clear them, the sooner the empty jelly space will fill with a candy. Use a combination of making striped candy and working on individual pieces, and you’ll beat this level without too much stress.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First rush through licorice blocks whenever possible.
• Work your way to the center instead of around.
• Create stripped candies to help you clear paths.
• Try creating a color bomb in this level because it could really help you with those last moves.
• Don’t waste your moves on moves that won’t clear anything.


Candy Crush level 50 requires players to clear the jelly and score over 33,000 points. You are faced with a board that has four holes at the centre. There are 33 double jellies to remove all near the center and 17 of these are locked in licorice. You have 50 moves to clear them.

Start by clearing as many trapped candies as you can, working from the top or else a lower move could move the candies and ruin any moves at the top. Then work on the jelly which is better off started at the bottom so new candies falling have a higher of clearing jelly for you. After each move, check all the trapped candies to see if you can release any. Also check for the opportunity to make any special candies. Wrapped candies are the most useful here but well placed striped ones can remove significant amounts of jelly or unlock a whole row or column. A wrapped and stripe combination could help significantly as well. Colour bombs are also useful especially when combined with striped or wrapped candies for maximum chance of clearing the most jelly. The hardest jellies to clear are the ones between the spaces in the center of the board and so it is wise to try to use your special candies for those spaces if possible.

If you just have a few moves before you can clear level 50, then the lollipop hammer can be handy. Selecting the fish at the beginning of the game could also help, but it is a risk as you have no guarantee that they will clear the candies that you most need to be cleared. There is some luck in the level too, so be patient as you may need to have quite a few attempts to win.



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