Candy Crush Level 56 Cheats and Tips

Make vertical striped candy in the top of the grid to shoot a path through the bottom of the grid. Try to make a few special candies up top before you fire them off, the chocolate is very restricted in where it can move and the more ammo you have ready at the top, the more you can take out at the bottom.

It’s very likely you’ll make a colour bomb up top on this level, and there will be a predominant colour of candy that’s locked in the licorice blocks. Save the colour bomb until you can use it to clear up that colour, then start to work on clearing the remaining jelly on the bottom.

• In this level you need to clear the jellies.
• You will need to make vertical stripped candies to unlock a path so you can play in the second box.
• It’s easy to make a color bomb in this level save it until you get most of the chocolate cleared out of the bottom so it will be easier to destroy the jellies.
• After you clear the chocolates start clearing out the bottom.
• Don’t waste your moves or boosters.


In Candy Crush level 56 you have to clear the 28 squares of jelly and score over 30,000 points to win. You have 45 moves but the board is in two halves. The top half is clear of any obstacles but also has no jelly. The bottom half of the board has alternate candies either covered in chocolate or trapped by licorice. The good news is that the chocolate will not grow over licorice, but the bad news is that as soon as you unlock the licorice, it will.

You will need to start level 56 by making a vertical stripe candy at the top and activating it to remove a column below. If you can, match any candies on the bottom, especially if you can unlock licorice or remove chocolate. Once you have completed all moves in the bottom half, then go back to the top and try to make more vertical striped candies. Working the bottom half of the board is the best way to remove as many jellies as possible. Wrapped sweets are great for this. A stripe and wrapped sweet combination is very effective as well. Colour bombs can be useful, making sure that you select a colour that has a lot of jelly beneath it or in combination with a wrapped or striped can clear a lot of the board.

The key to level 56 is not to panic. When chocolate is growing it can make you speed up and then not notice everything else that is going on. A wrapped sweet can easily clear a lot of chocolate and its rate of growth may seem fast but you can easily clear great amounts of it in one go. Boosters can help, a well-timed lollipop hammer could help you win and using the sweet teeth to clear chocolate can be helpful too.



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