Candy Crush Level 58 Cheats and Tips

You have a limited amount of moves on this level, and you need to score big points as well. Even though there is no jelly inside the merignue grid, and even though it’s containing the chocolate, it’s worth breaking through to get the room you need to make combos and score the required amount of points.

Pick off the jelly whenever you get a chance, but don’t clear that last piece of jelly until you’re certain you’ll score over 60,000. Remember, the amount of moves you have left an the special candy already on the board will help you achieve that score.

• In this level you must clear all the jellies.
• Start at the bottom corners they will be the hardest to clear if you wait to long.
• You have limited moves so do not waste them.
• Clear through the chocolate and meringues to be able to create combos.
• Use your moves wisely.


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