Candy Crush Level 62 Cheats and Tips


You have 6 ingredients to drop here and you’re working on a narrow grid. You should be able to free a couple of the ingredients before you crush through into the licorice locked candy and chocolate by staying focused on the center of the board, and there should be some very obvious combos you can make.

When you have no other option, crush through the sides and make striped candy when you can to bring down the remaining ingredients. It’s a little bit trial and error, but you should get there after a few plays.

• In this level you must bring all the ingredients down.
• A few of the ingredients you should have no problem bringing down without having to break through the licorice or chocolate.
• There are lots of combos that you can make to help you clear unwanted chocolate and licorice.
• Don’t let the chocolate block the very top row.
• It will be extremely difficult to unblock if that happens.


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