Candy Crush Level 67 Cheats and Tips

You have a limited amount of moves: your first priorities should be either getting rid of the chocolate or breaking down through the row of meringues, whichever is easiest given your starting position. Every block of meringue has jelly underneath so it’s important to focus on both sides of the grid.

Dropping a horizontal striped candy on the bottom row is pretty easy on this level, and it will help unlock the candy at the bottom. This is a relatively easy level, and you’ll beat it without any worries if you can make a big combo such as a striped and wrapped candy.

• In this level you will need to clear all the jellies.
• You do not have a lot of moves in this level.
• You need to first clear chocolate or break meringues.
• All the meringues blocks have jelly underneath them.
• Focus on both sides of the board if you focus on one you will run out of moves.
• Focus on getting combos and not wasting your moves.



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