Candy Crush Level 69 Cheats and Tips

First, clear the meringues to fill up the empty blocks on the bottom left and bottom right hand side of the screen. Then do as much work as you can in the blocks on the bottom to clear up the jelly.

When you run out of moves in the bottom blocks, work on making match-4s to get vertical striped candy up the top again; you may even be able to make a colour bomb up there if you’re lucky.

Fire off the vertical striped candy at the top to crush the candy in the bottom of the screen, and new candy will fall down there. Work on the bottom until you run out of moves, and repeat until you clear the level.

• In this level clear all the jelly.
• You need to clear the meringues first.
• This will open up the jelly at the bottom and make candy fall down to them.
• Work from the bottom make many moves and create lots of combos like stripped and wrapped candies.
• Plan your moves ahead of time because they are limited.


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