Candy Crush Level 70 Cheats and Tips


Level 70 is a super-annoying level. The candy never seems to fall where you want it to, and it can take many tries to get through.

If you can see a series of good matches on the right, then start on the right, but be aware that the chocolate will start to spread once you crush through the licorice locked candy. Otherwise start on the left. You’re trying to make as many horizontal striped candies as you can.

Vertical striped candies are pretty much useless on the left hand side of this level, and wrapped candies are only good if you can combine them with a horizontal striped candy. This is your aim – combine a wrapped candy with a striped candy, if you can do that, you’ll get a good start on the level.

If you haven’t unlocked the chocolate, try to clear that first with your horizontal striped candy. And if you make vertical striped candy on the left hand side, try not to set them off until you can drop them through to the right hand side where they’ll actually do some useful damage.

Be patient – your brain is used to making vertical striped candies by now for ingredient levels, If nothing else, at least playing this level will increase your skill for making horizontal wrapped candies!


• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First you need to make matches in the top right square.
• Try not to break any of the licorice yet because the chocolate will start to spread if you do.
• On the left hand side you need to practice making horizontal stripped candies.
• This will help you clear rows of jelly and licorice.
• You really need to make either a color bomb or combine a stripped and wrapped candy together.
• This will help you almost clear the right side entirely and practically save your game.
• Watch your moves and don’t waste them.

Candy Crush level 70 is located in the Eastern Bunny Hills. This is one of the hardest and most hated levels in the game and many people get stuck on it for long periods of time so know that you may spend some time on this level. The aim of this level is to clear all of the jelly. The board is split in to two halves and all the squares on the right hand side have a double of layer of jelly to be removed. The very bottom two layers are chocolate but there are two layers of jelly under it. Above these two layers are candies trapped in licorice cages. You have 45 moves, which seems like a lot, but they soon disappear!

The best place to start is to see whether any of the cages can be destroyed. This is key to winning the game and so every move, you should check if you can do this. You also need to check all of the time whether you can make any special candies, especially on the left hand side as there is more space there to do so. As there is a portal from the bottom of the left hand side to the top of the right, these special candies can get across to the other side. You also need to keep a close check on the chocolate, to make sure that it is not growing too fast and covering up everything on the right hand side. Try to make swaps on the right hand side as much as you can as you will clear jelly that way.


On level 70, the best special candies to go for are the horizontal stripes on the left that will clear rows on the right when set off. Wrapped sweets on the right hand side will clear jelly more easily. A wrapped and striped combination is useful anywhere. Color bombs are also good, especially for clearing the last few bits of jelly but combined with a striped candy they can be useful nearer to the beginning of the game to clear a large amount of candy.

If you have any lollipop hammers these can be good to get rid of the last few jellies if you only have a few moves remaining and no chance of getting the right colored candies down to clear them. The same goes for the switching tool. Extra moves could be handy, but as you have to select these at the beginning of the game it is always a gamble because, as with all of the levels there is some luck involved and you may end up wasting them. Fish could be a useful selection too as they will eat remaining jelly, but only if they are able to be used at the right time. For a video guide on how to beat level 70 check the video below.

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  • sandy1947

    I tried for the better part of 2 days to get through Level 70. Finally, in desperation I tried another “cheat” site. This one was right-on, different than the others and I made it through in 1 try.