Candy Crush Level 72 Cheats and Tips


You should be able to crush through the meringue and take out the chocolate at the top in your first two or three moves on this level. Once that is taken care of, crush through the three licorice locked candies to fill up the squares on the bottom.

Be careful of bringing ingredients down the middle column, they can get stuck in a bottle neck on the notch in the middle center, which isn’t an exit. The chocolate down the bottom is also hard to contend with – spend more time trying to get rid of it than concentrating on your ingredients. If you can clear up all the chocolate, this level becomes a straightforward ingredient level.

Deceptively, once the bottom squares have been filled with candy, the outer columns flow through the gap from the top section to the bottom section, so you do not need to move your ingredients to the center, although it may seem that way at first. The usual strategies involved vertical striped candy still work like a charm here.

• In this level you need to ring all the ingredients down.
• Unlock your way through the first set of meringues.
• Then you should have also unblocked the chocolate before it spread.
• That way now you have a path to start bringing ingredients down.
• Now start to clear the other meringues.
• Don’t worry about the ingredients to much they will fall down but focus on clearing everything out.
• You will have plenty of moves after to get the ingredients down.
• Remember to make vertical stripped candies to help you.


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