Candy Crush Level 76 Cheats and Tips


The first trick in this multi-directional level is to know where the candies are going – the level moves from the bottom left, to the right, to the top left.

Clear the candy under the ingredients first. Special combos affect both sides of the screen, so a horizontal candy on the right will go through to the left: just be mindful of where the ingredient will end up on the next move.

If the top left hand grid locks up, you’ll need to make horizontal candy in the bottom left hand grid or the very top of the right hand grid, or vertical candy in the bottom left hand grid. A colour bomb also works to clear it out.

• In this level you need to bring down the ingredients.
• The order the candies are moving is bottom left to the right and then back to the top left.
• So the goal is get every ingredient to the top left.
• You will need to create special candies to clear the top left box.
• Don’t forget any combos.
• Don’t waste your moves.


Candy Crush level 76 is located in the Easter Bunny Hills episode of Candy Crush Saga. Level 76 is a ingredient level and it can be beaten by bringing down 3 cherries and scoring at least 30,000 points. This level has no blockers which is nice except the board is a little tough. There are 3 sections on this level. It goes from the right, to the left bottom to the left top. So if you can play from the left top first. If there are no moves then go to the left bottom and so on.

You can also create special candies on the right side and use them to crush candies on the left top which will bring down the ingredients faster. If you can keep playing from the top left section, you will beat this level easy. Sometimes you wont be able to and you will have to make striped candies on the right and use them to crush the candies on the left. Just remember the rotation of how the candies flow through the board and you will beat this level no problem.

Many people cant beat this level because they are still not very good at making striped candies. By this point in the game you should be better at making them and should be able to use them to bring down ingredients, etc. If you are still having trouble making special candies, check out our how to play candy crush guide. For a video on how to beat level 76, check below.


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