Candy Crush Level 77 Cheats and Tips


The winning strategy to this level is to do things in sequence.

First, look at the middle row and see if you have any matches.
Then, make as many match-4s as you can with up and down movements to make a vertical candy. Do not activate them yet.
Then choose a colour (the second most popular colour on the board works well) and get rid of all candy that colour.

As you get rid of the one colour you should be able to make wrapped candy and colour bombs with the remaining colours. You want to get a wrapped and a striped or a colour bomb and a striped on this level – colour bomb and colour bomb or colour bomb and wrapped are not quite so effective.

Be aware that when the chocolate reaches the end of the middle row, you will need to clear the block of chocolate on the far left before you get any more candy in the jelly squares.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The middle row is what you need to focus on.
• See if you can make any moves in the middle row.
• Then make as many vertical stripped candies as you can on the board but don’t use them yet.
• Use one and then check again if you can make another move in the middle row.
• Start making color bombs and wrapped candies to help you use just combos to clear the row.
• Don’t waste moves on moves that won’t help you.


Candy Crush level 77 is located in the Easter Bunny Hills episode of Candy Crush Saga. Level 77 can be beaten by clearing 8 jelly squares and scoring at least 50,000 points. This level is difficult because the jelly squares are in the middle of the board separated by the main parts. It also has a locked candy and 2 chocolates in it which adds to the hardness of this level.

To beat level 77, you must be good at making special candy combinations. The vertical striped candy works really well in this level. When you first start the level check the middle part where the jelly squares are and check for any combos. There usually isn’t one but sometimes there is. After you begin start trying to make special candy combos on the top and bottom. Scan the board after every move and make sure you are not missing anything. Make sure you have some good candies before crushing the locked candy because the chocolate will start growing after every move if you don’t get it off the board.

Another good tip for this level is using the reshuffle trick. If you start the level and you don’t see any good moves or combos to start off, then you can reshuffle the board until yoou find a good starting point. You can do this unlimited times without losing a life as long as you do it before you make any moves.

If you can get a horizontally striped candy in the middle part and try and crush it while it sin there. This will clear the whole row very fast. For a video on how to beat level 77, view below.


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