Candy Crush Level 78 Cheats and Tips

The column the ingredient is in is very important on this level. Unless it is in the middle three columns, you’ll need to swap the ingredients inwards towards those columns. The transporters at the bottom will help you a little, but if you get an ingredient stuck at the bottom of one of the other columns, you’ll be working hard to get it out, and no combos will affect their position.

There are six set ups where you can swap an ingredient out of a column. These are listed on our Tips and Hints page.

• In this level you need to bring the ingredients down to the bottom.
• You will want to make stripped candies as always to help you bring ingredients down.
• Combos will also help you do this.
• Try not to get ingredients stuck in corners.
• You will use way too many moves trying to get them out.
• Don’t waste your moves and move wisely.


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