Candy Crush Level 85 Cheats and Tips

You’ve got half a board to play on, and half a board filled with meringues, with a layer of chocolate at the bottom. Attack the meringues at every opportunity, and make as many specials as you can up top before you crush down through to the chocolate.

Combining wrapped and striped will make a big dent in that barrier between you and your candy crushing success, and remember you can move the licorice blocks the same way you move a normal candy. The usual tips and hints for moving an ingredient across columns apply here (see our Tips page), although hopefully you can take your ingredients straight down once the barrier is broken and the chocolate taken out. Special candies and good combos really count on this level, so always be on the look out!

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down.
• You have half a board of meringues to clear through.
• Make as many combo candies up top before clearing all the meringues.
• Attack the chocolate and make sure you clear it before it take up the whole board.
• Make wrapped and stripped candies to help clear blocks and create a pathway to the bottom.


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