Candy Crush Level 87 Cheats and Tips


Every column to the left of the meringue columns is linked – vertical crushing in any column will result in a vertical fall down through the columns. Think of it as one huge column that is broken up across the screen.

The meringue columns bring the ingredients down into the large cascading column. Crush the columns of meringues to get your ingredients into the main playing field, then bring them down. The teleporters can help move the ingredients closer to home, so use this to your advantage! There’s a lot of ingredients to get, so keep constant track of where they are on the screen, and free up any ones that don’t seem to be moving as soon as you can.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down to the bottom.
• Work on the right side of the board.
• Everything is linked on the left to come back to the right.
• Make special candies to bring ingredients down.
• Don’t waste your moves.
• Think before you move.


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