Candy Crush Level 88 Cheats and Tips

There are two banks of jelly in the vertical columns on the left and right. They start off filled with licorice blockers, but these drop into play and the banks fill up with candy from the board as you make matches. After every move, check the separate banks for matches – if you’re lucky enough to set off a vertical striped candy in one of the banks, you’ve got this level in your hands. Otherwise use striped horizontal candy to work on the jelly you can’t get with matches. It may take a few tries, but you’ll get through this level eventually.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• The left and right columns are filled with licorice and jelly.
• These will eventually get candy in them that will rotate through the board.
• Remember to make vertical and horizontal stripped candies to help you eliminate jelly.
• Make special combo candies as well.
• Don’t waste your moves and think before you make a move.


You will need to clear all the 18 jelly squares and reach 120,000 points to complete Candy Crush level 88. The jelly squares are in the right and left hand columns which are filled with licorice at the beginning of level 88. Fortunately each has a portal at the bottom and as you play the game the licorice moves down in to the main playing area, making things easier.

After every move, check the right and left columns to see if you can make any matches as this will clear jelly. Work in the middle to make special candies that can help you. Try to clear the licorice before using special candies though as it will block them from being able to clear jelly. You can do this by making matches in the end two columns of the center board. It is a good idea to make matches here as much as you can anyway as it keeps the candies moving in the edge columns and gives a better chance of matches there and opportunities to clear jellies. A horizontal stripe will help clear one layer of jelly from each column and a stripe and wrapped combination will clear three layers on each side. A color bomb can be useful but use it sensibly. Do not use it immediately but wait until you have cleared some jellies and decide where it might be best used. If you can combine it with a striped candy then there is a chance that you will get a vertical stripe in an edge column and clear the whole thing of a layer of jelly. Combining with a wrapped sweet could also clear more jellies than using it on its own. You may wish to save it until the end of level 88 in case you just have one jelly left.


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