Candy Crush Level 89 Cheats and Tips


This level seems all fine and dandy, right up until you end up with a licorice swirl in the bottleneck between the top and the bottom of the screen, and chocolate having spread entirely across the bottom half. Obviously, start by making matches at the bottom of the screen and trying to keep the chocolate trimmed back, but if you see a licorice swirl is going to land in the bottle neck, change your strategy and get rid of it before it ends up in a hard to move spot.

If you find yourself restricted to playing the top of the board due to running out of matches on the bottom, focus on making striped candy to get things moving again. The hardest jelly to clear is in the far right and far left corners on the bottom. Once you’ve got rid of the chocolate, concentrate on trying to drop a horizontal bomb onto the bottom row to clear it, or if you’re lucky enough to have all the remaining candy the same colour, try to make a colour bomb.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• First cleat the jelly with the candies you have at the bottom of the board.
• This will help control the chocolate so it doesn’t spread.
• Make stripped candies or candy combos anywhere on the board.
• Remember to always look for moves to make in the corners to get rid of jelly there.
• Don’t save those till the end or you will run out of moves.


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