Candy Crush Level 91 Cheats and Tips


Insane level. There’s an H shaped block of meringues and licorice blockers up top, and a full row of meringues with jelly underneath on the bottom. Only 5 types of candy in play, the amount of combinations you can make are crazy, but it’s making the right combinations that count.

Sometimes, it will be more effective on this level to crush through the meringues at the bottom with a match-3 than it will be to make a match-4 up top. Once you’re through the barriers, keep trying to drop horizontal striped candy down to the bottom row to clear up the remaining jelly. It may take a few attempts, but you’ll get there eventually.

• In this level you need to clear all the jelly.
• Work in the middle to clear the meringues and the licorice.
• They have jelly underneath that you need to clear.
• Work on getting stripped and wrapped candies to help you blow up stuff along the way.
• Watch out for left over jelly that may be stuck at the top that you don’t know about.
• Remember not to waste moves and to think before playing every move.


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