Candy Crush Level 95 Cheats and Tips

You need to move your ingredients to the bottom of the screen, then down through the separate bank of three candies on the left or right to clear this level. The separate banks of three candies are difficult to clear and require a good strategy to crush your way through.

First, bring your ingredients down to the transporter spots on the bottom of the screen – go for vertical candy matches in the middle so that they fall down quite quickly and be careful not to let your ingredients move out to the sides.

You have two choices: either get both ingredients above the same transporter spot, or get one ingredient over each spot. If you have a colour bomb, getting both into the same spot works best. If you’re going to use horizontal candies to clear out the separate banks of candy, it won’t matter: each horizontal bomb you set off will clear one candy from each separate bank.

Save any horizontal striped candy you’ve made until your ingredients are at the bottom above the transporter spots then set them off to move the ingredients into the separate banks. Using a wrapped and striped combination in the middle once your ingredients are off the screen can also work well to clear the candy from the sides on this level and get your ingredients free.

• In this level you need to bring all the ingredients down.
• You will need to bring the ingredients down to the two transporter spots on the screen.
• Make vertical stripped candies to help you do this.
• Then once they go through the transporter they will end up in a 3 block and that’s where you will make your final moves with horizontal candies.
• Save the horizontal stripped candies for the last spot in the 3 square columns.
• This will obviously clear that spot and you won’t have to worry about the candy anymore.
• Don’t waste your moves.


In Candy Crush Level 95 you have to bring down ingredients to the bottom of the board. You have one nut and one cherry to bring down within 45 moves.

At the beginning of the game one of the ingredients will already be at the top. The other appears later in the game on move 35 at the entry point as the first ingredient appeared. At the bottom of the board are two portals which you need to get the ingredients through in order for them to appear at the bottom right or left hand side where they can drop off the board.

This game has a number of challenges. Firstly, you have to get the ingredients down the board so that they line up with the portals. This is made more difficult by the fact that there are gaps in the board which can force them off path. You will need to be very careful in the swaps that you make to keep them lined up with the portals or else you will need to try to move them across using a carefully set up swap, which can be very difficult. Therefore once it is lined up above a portal, do not be tempted to swap it to the right or left or you will almost certainly not win the level. The best way to get to the bottom of the portal is to use a vertical striped candy in that column. However, you will need to clear candies in the column of three that the portal leads to for it to drop through. A stripe and wrapped combination is great for this, but a horizontal striped candy or color bomb could also be used effectively.

One the ingredient appears through the portal you have the additional problem of then moving it down off the board. The best option for this is to activate a striped and wrapped candy combination on one of the bottom levels of the board. A color bomb and stripe or wrapped could also be helpful but will not guarantee a win. A color bomb can also be useful to remove any colored candies below the ingredients to let them drop down. A horizontal stripe in the lower rows can also be helpful. Lollipop hammers could also be useful if you just have to clear a few candies to let the ingredients drop down, if you have any.

Therefore it is important to keep a look out for opportunities for making special candies as much as you can through the game and use them to your advantage, mainly towards the end of the game.



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