Candy Crush Level 97 Cheats and Tips

This is the level where candy time bombs become a pain. You have a target score of 100,000 to reach, and you’re bombarded with time bomb after time bomb. This will help you reach that huge score, but it will also destroy your game if you are unable to diffuse one in time

The biggest tip for this level: if you’re struggling with this level on your iOS device, try and play on a PC – there are only 4 types of candy in play on the PC version of level 97, and no yellow lemon drop candies, which makes crushing candy and diffusing bombs a whole lot easier.

• In this level you need to score 100,000 points to beat the level.
• Once you clear a candy time bomb in this level another will drop.
• This will help you get a lot of points but the hard part is destroying them.
• Make candy combos to help you clear out these bombs and to help rack up some points.


In Candy Crush Saga level 97 you need to score 100,000 points to complete the level.

You have just 25 moves to complete level 97 and on the board to start with are two eight move bombs. The board is also small meaning that it is more difficult to get high scoring special candies.

To start on level 97 with you will find there is a bomb in the center of the board. Try to destroy it with your first move. Then you need to bring down the one on the top right by making matches in the far left column of the main part of the board. Always watch for bombs, as they will fall down from the top and you will need to match them before they explode. You will also need to concentrate on making special candies so that you can get a higher score. You have the space to make a color bomb, which is the most useful as it can get rid of bombs, as well as striped and wrapped candies, which can also get rid of bombs, if well placed. If you do have a special candy and do not activate it during the course of the game, it will activate at the end and add to your score.

You may find that some boosters could help you solve level 97. Getting extra moves from friends could be useful as you have so few moves to start with. There is probably no need for any other boosters although a lollipop hammer may be useful to destroy a bomb that is about to explode with no matches to get rid of it.



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