Candy Crush Level 99 Cheats and Tips


Bombs and jelly do not make a good combination. Luckily you only have 9 squares of jelly to clear, but it’s under licorice locked candy surrounded by meringues, and those bombs are coming down thick and fast!

You’ll get a lot of opportunities to make match-5s again on this level – combine crushing through to the jelly with diffusing the bombs and making colour bombs for later. Setting off a wrapped candy in the jelly area as your moves are running down will help get rid of a large amount of the obstacles that are in your way, try to clear up with a striped or a colour bomb at the end.

Remember that if you get a 7 move candy bomb and when you only have 7 moves left, you won’t need to worry about it! Use those moves to focus on any remaining jelly.

• Clear the meringues and licorice as fast as you can.
• Do not forget about the candy bombs that are falling down.
• They will be the hardest to manage while clearing the jelly.
• Make lots of wrapped and stripped candies to help clear the jelly and bombs.
• Don’t waste your moves.


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