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By Tyler Horvath on January 9, 2014

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games in 2013 and possibility EVER. With millions of players, it easily sky rocketed to one of the biggest online gaming phenomenons in quite some time. Candy Crush Saga was built by who is a popular game developer. They currently have about 5-10 games but Candy Crush is easily their most popular. If you have never played Candy Crush and are looking to get started, you have found the right place. Below is a extensive guide on how to play the game.

Candy Crush is a popular game based around candies. During the course of the game, you have to make sets of three or more candies in order to remove them from the board. This will help you to complete the various levels. Each level will give you a challenge, such as getting a certain score or letting certain items drop to the bottom of the game board. You will be told what you have to achieve at the beginning of each level such as in the picture below:

how to play candy crush 1

There is even a reminder at the side, while you play. The example below shows that you need to bring down 7 cherries to win, for example.

candy crush how to play 2

On level one you will get the following board:

candy crush saga how to play 3

The aim of this level is to score over 750 points. You will get a reminder of this if you hold the mouse pointer over the yellow circle to the left of where it says ‘Level 1’ at the top. In order to score points you need to make combinations of candies of the same color with three or more together. For example, at the bottom corner there are purple candies, three of which are brighter than the rest. By pulling the middle one up, it can make a row of three.

how to play candy crush saga 4

This will then disappear, the candies will move down to fill the gap and new ones will fill in at the top. The screen will now look like this:

how to play candy crush 5

You can see that the score has now gone up to 60 points. You may also notice that above the score the number of moves is showing as 9, this has reduced from the original 10. The amount of moves varies depending on the level that you are playing.

Wrapped Candies

In order to score higher, you can make combinations of more than three candies. If you look, there is a group of yellow candies on the top right. The far right one can be moved in to form a sideways ‘T’ shape.

how to play candy crush 6

This forms a special candy which is wrapped, as can be seen below:

how to play candy crush 7

Another way to make a wrapped candy is to make an ‘L’ shape with the candies such as would be made below by moving the bottom orange candy upwards:

how to play candy crush 8

To activate this wrapped candy you have to make a row of three the same colour, so in this case three yellows, one of which is the wrapped one.

This will not only clear the row of three yellows but a three by three square of candies with the wrapped sweet in the middle.

Striped Candies

Another special candy can be made by making a row of four candies:

vertical striped candy

By dragging down the higher yellow candy a row of four can be made a striped candy is formed:

vertical striped candy 2

If you form the striped candy by moving a plain candy downwards then it forms vertical stripes. If you make one by moving a candy across it makes horizontal stripes. This has an effect on its special properties.

By forming a row of three with the vertical striped candy shown above, it will clear the whole of the column that it is in. This is shown below:

how to play candy crush 9

The candy is in the process of shooting upwards and clearing the column third from the end. The three yellow candies have also disappeared and the existing candies will move down and the gaps filled with new candies.

Colour Bombs

Another special candy is the colour bomb, which is formed by making a row or column of five candies. This could formed by moving the bottom blue upwards in the picture shown below:

how to make a color bomb

candy crush color bomb

The colour bomb can be used to remove every candy of a certain colour. It just has to be swapped with the candy that you wish to remove.

In the example below it has been swapped with a green candy:

candy crush color bomb 2

Special Candies

By combining special candies together you get even more benefits.

Striped and striped

Two striped candies can be swapped together :

striped combo candy crush

They will remove a whole row and whole column:

striped candy crush 2

Striped and Wrapped

A striped and wrapped candy will produce a large striped candy that will remove multiple columns and rows:

striped wrapped candy crush

They do not have to be the same colour and you do not have to have a third candy, just swap them with each other:

striped wrapped candy crush 2

It forms a giant striped candy which removes three columns and three rows of candy.

Wrapped and Wrapped

Two wrapped sweets together will remove an area of 12 candies:

striped wrapped candy crush 3

Colour Bomb and Wrapped

Colour bombs can also be mixed with striped or wrapped candies for special effects. If a colour bomb is swapped with a wrapped candy then it will explode every candy of the same colour as the wrapped sweet and then explode those squares again:

color bomb wrapped candy crush

color bomb wrapped 2

Color Bomb and Striped

Swapping a color bomb with a striped candy:

color bomb striped candy crush

This will cause every purple candy on the board to turn to a striped one and they will be activated:

striped color bomb candy crush 2

Two colour bombs together will clear all of the candies from the board.

color bomb combo

This will create the following effect….

color bomb combo 2




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21 comments on “How To Play Candy Crush
  1. i would play more not enough lives

  2. I do not like the bombs when there are too many I get bored because what is the point in playing when you lose your turn so quickly. I do like the owl. Please hurry creating more levels.

  3. I am stuck on 23 feeling depressed

  4. Betty Nelson says:

    Would love to play more but page goes down on this game a lot.

  5. Kimberly Asuncion says:

    how to get out of level 70, been stuck for a month

  6. June Mihalcheon Milne says:

    How do I get past the barricade at 40 so I can carry on to 4l?

  7. i was in a level higher last nite an this morning it brought me bak 2 my original level I love candy crush thank you 4 entertainment plse answer i post all my scores

  8. Jason Jacklin says:

    Ive been on level 23 for a month. I can't get off that level.. It always tells me I'm one jelly short

  9. Betty Cox says:

    What happens to some of the extra lives and moves that are given by other people. I have noticed that I don't get all of them. also the spin of the wheel.??? Started liking but is getting boring. There should be something when you are on the same level for days upon days that you could challenge. Think I will go back one of the old games….

  10. When asked to purchase are you really asking for a real credit card? Crazy to think anyone would really use their credit card.

  11. How can I get more gold bars without paying

  12. Reva Hansen says:

    Been stuck on level 70 forever. Any hints.

  13. Eva Bechtle Shareshian says:

    Dailey Spin is only one prize not 3 :((((

  14. when ur friend give lives , always accept 5 first , when ur out then u still have life left to collect.. it works for me that way ,what happen to u it happens to me too i lost them, thats th etrick i told u,, enjoy candy crush classmate

  15. go to … it will show u hints for everylevel

  16. Flo Ruzek says:

    I have been stuck on level 29 help anyone

  17. I just got through dream land and I came to a lock how do I pass it? and it told me I could go back to reality but how? it only leaves me by the games I already did

  18. Lori Prest says:

    also look on youtube

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