Unlimited Candy Crush Lives

By Tyler Horvath on January 11, 2014

Candy Crush is a very addicting game and we all know that. The problem is that they only give you 5 lives at a time and once you use up those 5 lives, you have to wait a certain amount of time to be able to play again. For Candy Crush addicts, this is time wasted not playing the game and we are not having it! We have found a way to get unlimited candy crush lives if you are playing on your mobile device.

81H78kYE1JL._SL500_AA300_To get free lives when playing on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device all you have to do is go into your settings on your device and change your clock. The Candy Crush app gives you lives based on your devices time. So move your clock an hour forward and go back to the game. You will notice that you have a few more lives. You can simply keep moving your clock forward to get unlimited lives. The one problem is that this may cause some issues with your device because your device will think the time is what you have set it at. So if you reset your time to the actual current time, you will notice that you will have a long time til you get new lives. To reset this, simply uninstall the candy crush app and re-install it. You should be back to normal. This is tested and working for Android & IOS. See below for specific instructions.

For Android Devices

Getting unlimited lives on your android device is easy. Simply go into your settings:

android candy crush

Then click on date and time which will take you to the date and time settings:

get candy crush lives

When you are here, simply uncheck ‘automatic date and time’, then select set date:

free lives candy crush

When you click ‘set time’, a clock widget will pop up and you can just add 1 to 2 hours. Click ‘Set’ to save the time you entered.

unlimited candy crush lives

Then, go back to your candy crush game, and you should have 5 fresh lives!

candy crush unlimited lives


Cliff Notes:

  1. Open your settings on your mobile device
  2. Change the time to an hour or two in the future
  3. go back to Candy Crush Saga
  4. Enjoy unlimited Candy Crush Lives.

Tyler Horvath is a writer for CandyCrusher.com. CandyCrusher.com is the web's first and best Candy Crush Guide and Help site.

18 comments on “Unlimited Candy Crush Lives
  1. Is there a time limit on how long you can hang onto your messages when friends send you lives? I have run into this twice, now, where I was playing CC, had a about 6 messages waiting for me with lives that people have sent and then they are gone and I can't find them! So now I'm out of lives and have no more to go get and am waiting once again. HELP!

  2. I forgot to mention that I am not playing on a device, I am on my home PC.

  3. Tyler Horvath XI says:

    When you recieve lives from friends, never choose accept all. If you have 5 lives and you accept all you will still only have 5 lives. Only accept them one at a time, when you dont have 5 lives. You can only have max 5 lives.

  4. This is a smart idea. Wish I had thought of it.

  5. tell us something new we know this for a long tine

  6. it just say reset you time don't do that just delete the memory on your phone or Android don't do the wrong one u lose all the email for candy crush but so what u get 5 lives every time

  7. Why do you give full lives but when someone else sends you lives we don't get credit from them. Every morning I wake to find extra lives that my friends have sent to me. Now I haven't played all night so I have all 5 lives but don't get the extra ones my friends sent to me? Why? If you try to wait to accept them then they disappear!!!!!!!! Also I shared and posted to get extra whatever,got enrolled in zoosk(which I didn't want cause I am married),got several invites to go out but never got my extra stuff. Needless to say I blocked zoosk but they still have my e-mail sooooo I am still getting date requests…..but still no extra stuff!!!!! Matbe I should pick another game!

  8. Cory Corson says:


  9. I never get my lives that people send me Y?

  10. Where is there any tips for laptops?? That is what I play on . Please give tips for those that play on a comp!

  11. they should REALLY do some of these tips on facebook ON A COMPUTER! its not fair that we dont get the same chance just cuz we cant afford a fancy piece of equipment…… SMH!!!

  12. Bill Weinger says:

    I bought 30 lives and used 2, said I had 28 left, about 15 minutes later it said I only had 10 left. I didn't buy anything, know better than that. Anyone have this problem

  13. I don't either. Wish I knew why.

  14. After I use my 5 lives I go in to accept the ones my friends sent and they disappear….why is that?

  15. Ann Gibson says:

    what about lap top love to play but stuck could use lives

  16. Lori Prest says:

    I play on my iphone, start with 5 lives. Then I play on my ipad with 5 lives, then play on my laptop with 5 lives, then play on computer with 5 lives. Thus 20 lives at once. Also, using a computer, open candy crush. Open a new tab or two or three and copy paste the address into the address bar. Open to the screen that has your 5 lives and play them a tab at a time.

  17. Richard Klepper says:

    The author suggests: "To reset this, simply uninstall the candy crush app and re-install it. You should be back to normal. " ….. Keep in mind by doing so, you'll be starting from LEVEL 1. I just started playing this and was on Level 23… and made this mistake (Back to 1) Tyler should add that disclaimer.

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