Removing Candy Crush Saga Notifications


It can be really annoying when you get notifications all the time from your friends who play Candy Crush Saga. We all love Candy Crush Saga, but we don’t want to know every single level our friends beat or whenever they give out a free life. Candy Crush Saga makers do this so that their game could be spread fast across social networks. Its actually how Candy Crush Saga got so popular so fast… but now, we dont want to see all these notifications. For example, you may not be interested in knowing when they compete certain levels, give lives or things like that. However, it is fairly easy to remove them. Just follow the step by step instructions below.

Firstly open up Facebook. You then need to find the blue bar at the top which on the left has the word ‘Facebook’. On the right hand side it has your name, Find Friends, Home and then a padlock and next to it a gear. You need to click that gear and a menu will drop down as pictured below:


You need to select settings as indicated above. You will then get a screen with the following menu on the left hand side:

Select apps in the left sidebar list. Then you will see a list of all of the applications that you have signed up to in Facebook. Search the list until you find Candy Crush Saga.

If you click on it, a lot of information is revealed as in the picture above. You need to find the part that says ‘when to notify you’ and this is a drop down box:

If you select the option of ‘never’ then you will not get any more notifications on your Facebook wall.


There is a chance that you will not see the candy crush Saga app in your list. If you play the game for a minute then it will appear. However, you may like to try searching for it first in this apps section of Facebook by using ‘ctrl + f’ to use the find function and typing in Candy Crush.

It is also possible for people that play the game to stop it posting on their friends walls. They may not want to do this, but if they do, then they can change the settings where it says ‘post on your behalf’ and click the cross in the corner so that it does not do this. However, it can be nice to post on the walls of other users of the game because then they may be able to get bonuses or benefits from it. To do this you can change the visibility of the app form public to custom and select just the names of your friends that play the game regularly.

A very quick way of getting rid of the notifications can be done on your wall on Facebook. When a message appears like the one below :

You can just click on the arrow that appears in the top right hand corner when you wave your mouse near it. This will drop down a menu which has a selection of options

You can select ‘Hide all from Candy Crush’ and then you will not see notifications on your wall from Candy Crush Saga any more. You can do this with any Facebook app and it will mean that you will not get notifications from any apps that you are not interested in.