Troubleshooting Candy Crush Saga


It’s not good when things don’t go your way! Particularly a game that you’re meant to be enjoying.

No sound or music playing Candy Crush Saga on iPhone

I installed Candy Crush Saga on my iPhone 4 but I have no sound when I play the game. There is no music, no sound effects, or anything. I have checked the game settings and I have not muted the sound effects or the music and the volume on my phone is up high, so why do I have no sound in the game?

Peter from Boise, Idaho.

The problem is that you have the ringer button on your iPhone set to off. it’s the top left hand button on your iPhone that you can flick up and down.

A lot of other games and applications pay no attention whether your ringer is off or on, they just work according to the volume you have set. You will not hear any sound at all on Candy Crush Saga on your iPhone if you have your ringer button set to off.

Simply flick the ringer button back on and you’ll hear music and sound effects again! And if you get tired of the Candy Crush Saga music you can always turn it back off.

Happy to help!


No sound effects or no music on Candy Crush Saga? One or the other?

If you have music, but no sound effects – or sound effects but no music on Candy Crush Saga, you’ve probably accidentally hit a setting to turn them off.

Exit back to the map on your phone, then click the little arrow in the corner. You’ll see a couple of musical notes and a volume control. If either of these have a red dash through them, you’ve turned them off by accident. Simple click on the circle again to remove the red dash, and hopefully you’ll be getting the full, glorious (?) Candy Crush Saga sound experience.

Can’t Progress to Next Level on Candy Crush Saga

I have completed level 35 of Candy Crush Saga but I can’t progress onto the next level. It is saying ‘Tickets Please’ and I think I need help from Facebook Friends, but I don’t want to spam them with game requests.

Sigi from Belgium.

Dear Sigi,

Level 35 is the end of an episode, and you need to do a special task before you can progress onto the next level, which is the first level of a new episode.

There are three ways you can get over the bridge and progress to the next level, and two of these don’t involve Facebook!

First, you could play three mystery quests. Mystery quests are quite fun – they’re a random level from the past with tougher conditions needed to pass. You can only play one mystery quest a day (unless you are resetting the date and time on your phone), and you’ll need to pass three to move forward, but this is the cheapest and least intrusive way to progress.

If you don’t see the option to play Mystery Quests, you’ll need to disconnect your account from Facebook and try again.

From the map screen, press the arrow icon in the lower left.
Press the door icon, which will take you back to the main menu.
Press the arrow icon in the lower left again to bring up the small menu.
Press the green gear icon to bring up another menu.
Scroll to the bottom of the menu and press the Facebook icon which should say “Log out”
Then you should be able to go back into the game, and tap the plane/train/boat/etc icon and see the Mystery Quest option.

Second, you could – shock, horror – pay money to progress. It’s relatively cheap, less than 1 Euro, and you’ll progress immediately.

Third, yes, ask your Facebook friends. You’ll be able to filter your Facebook friends by those who are playing Candy Crush (or look at the level scores to see which friends are active players) so you won’t unneccessarily bother people who don’t like getting game requests.

Happy to help!


Candy Crush Saga won’t load on my computer

I play Candy Crush on my laptop, but lately it won’t load past 30%. I am desperate to play the game again! What am I doing wrong? Why won’t it load and how can I fix it?

Samantha from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Dear Samantha,

It sounds like your default browser has cached a bad copy of the game.

If you have two browsers installed (for example Firefox and Chrome) try opening Candy Crush Saga in the other browser. Maybe you have Internet Explorer. If you don’t have any alternative browser, they are easy to download and install, just Google ‘Download Chrome’ or ‘Download Firefox’ and install one of them.

If you manage to load the game in Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer (or vice versa), it means that the browser you are using has cached a bad download. You’ll need to clear your object cache in the browser that has the bad version of Candy Crush. WikiHow has a great article on how to do this.




  • Doc

    I have a laptop & every now & then have a problem loosing the video But retaining the audio of certain saga games. right now I can’t see candy crush, farm heroes, pepper panic, or pet rescue, but can hear them. For some reason Bubble witch saga 2 works O/K. It usually happens when I back up something & have to restore to get it back. Now I added anti virus & they disappeared again & can’t get the video back. Please help!